As independent consultants, our task is to help you ensure that important information is preserved and kept available.

Archive services

We can help you with everything from the conservation strategy to the mail opening. Ongoing support and quick assistance, tailored to your needs.


Data protection / GDPR

Our consultants are well acquainted with the laws and regulations that regulate various activities and can be a support when it comes to living up to these requirements.


System development

Reliable IT solutions that support the business as well as experienced developers, technical project managers and business developers.

Courses and Workshops

The law around digitization

About the course: Many believe that the law regarding electronic communication, document management, and archives is among the most difficult in the work. Therefore, E-arkiva arranges the course where you will get all the tools you need to be able to handle your electronic communication and document management in accordance with current legal requirements. Our [...]

Information security for archivists

Information security for archivists Both the information security coordinator and the archivist work strategically with information management. Both roles have a lot to gain from collaborating. In this course, you will get an orientation on how LIS (management system for information security) works and what the standards for information security are about. Furthermore, we will [...]

Systems science for information managers

Systems science for information managers Based on E-arkiva's experience from many archive projects, we have compiled the central concepts and methods in systems science that you will greatly benefit from knowing in your work as an information manager/archivist. The goal is for you as a participant to gain an understanding of what is included in [...]

E-Archiving – Where Do I Start?

E-Archiving - Where Do I Start? Now we return with a favorite in the replay. As the demand is great and the course grades have been high, we give more people the opportunity to participate because the education is digital. It is a course that through lectures as well as the discussions and workshops that [...]

Work with us!

We offer a workplace with a high ceiling, a strong feedback culture and a value-driven approach. Competence, results and humility are key words that characterize our way of working and our corporate culture.
As a consultant at E-Arkiva, you get colleagues with a burning interest and specialist expertise in archives, digital preservation, IT and information security. Despite the fact that we operate in an IT-intensive industry, the gender distribution at E-Arkiva today is 50/50.

    Do you need to recruit or hire staff?

    (dis)-Ability Manpower is part of Virtual Assistants family and helps the customers to recruit archive and IT skills.

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