Archive services

Archive services

Our archive consultants can help you with everything from the preservation strategy to the mail opening. Ongoing support and quick assistance when needed, tailored to your needs.

Contact us by phone or email or via the contact form below and we will find a solution adapted for you.

What we can do

We know the Public Access to Information and Secrecy Act, the Archives Act, the Administrative Procedure Act, and other provisions that regulate your activities, such as the new Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Our consultants are experts in information management
Our archive consultants have an academic degree in archival science with many years of professional experience in both public and private activities. We are therefore used to quickly getting acquainted with current activities, whether it concerns the large state authority, the medium-sized municipality, or the smaller private company that needs our assistance.

Our consultants have a great habit of arranging and listing archives both according to the general archive schedule and according to process-based / activity-based archive reporting.

In combination with solid accumulated knowledge and experience of modern document and information management, we can help you all the way forward, whether you are planning to move your archive / entire business or if you are in need of developing the organization’s document management at both the overall level and with point bets.

Quick assistance when needed
We usually have the opportunity to help at short notice in the event of, for example, illness or other absence.

Overall commitment
For large projects, we can make a total commitment regarding the archive and registrar functions. We can also supervise, for example, archive assistants or help with arranging and listing project documentation both during and after the project.

For example, we can help you with:

  • The daily mail opening and diary keeping.
  • Disclosure and confidentiality assessment of public documents.
  • Establishment and updating of policies, management instructions, and internal regulations.
  • Thinning investigation and execution of thinning.
  • Training and supervision in the archive, document, and information management. We provide training designed and packaged based on the needs of your organization and staff, read more about our tailored courses here.
  • Scanning and recording all types of documents/information
  • Keep your physical documents at our storage and give you a link to access them online.
  • Read more about issues related to requirements, implementation, and operation of e-archives.