E-Archiving – Where Do I Start?

E-Archiving - Where Do I Start?

Now we return with a favorite in the replay. As the demand is great and the course grades have been high, we give more people the opportunity to participate because the education is digital.

It is a course that through lectures as well as the discussions and workshops that arise gives you basic knowledge of the archiving process for digital information with theory and experiences from reality. The focus is on the preparatory activities that create a delivery to load into an IT system for long-term preservation.

Target group

The target group is archive staff, system administrators, and project managers who work, or will work, with e-archiving and the business systems that will deliver to the system.

Course structure

We start with the foundation that must be in place before the archiving process can begin. We then follow the process until what is to be archived is packaged and ready to be delivered.

Questions that may arise during the process are:

  • What is a delivery specification?
  • How does mapping work?
  • It’s just extracting data from the system, right?
  • What is a delivery package?
  • Does it have to be that complicated?


After the course, the participants will have a basic understanding of the archiving process and what specific steps, and challenges, and each sub-process consists of.


The course and workshop are planned to go for 2 months

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