Systems science for information managers

Systems science for information managers

Based on E-arkiva’s experience from many archive projects, we have compiled the central concepts and methods in systems science that you will greatly benefit from knowing in your work as an information manager/archivist.
The goal is for you as a participant to gain an understanding of what is included in system development, which makes it easier for you to set requirements for IT systems and talk to developers.

The course consists of both theory and exercises. We start at a level so that no prior knowledge of system development is necessary.

Examples of elements in the course:

  • Information modeling
  • Databases
  • File system
  • Metadata
  • XML
  • Programming language
  • Various e-archive systems
  • OAIS standards
  • E-archiving chain links

Questions that may arise during the process are:

  • What is a delivery specification?
  • How does mapping work?
  • It’s just extracting data from the system, right?
  • What is a delivery package?
  • Does it have to be that complicated?

Target group

Archivists, registrars, and similar roles.
This is especially suitable for those who want to prepare for a new job as Archivists, information managers, Data Protection managers according to GDPR, etc.


The course and workshop are planned to go for 2 months