Information security for archivists

Information security for archivists

Both the information security coordinator and the archivist work strategically with information management. Both roles have a lot to gain from collaborating. In this course, you will get an orientation on how LIS (management system for information security) works and what the standards for information security are about. Furthermore, we will take up practical examples of how and about what you can collaborate.

Excerpts of content

  • Information security and GDPR
  • Laws and regulations to follow
  • Risk-based systematic approach
  • Methods and tools
  • Security and protection
  • Collaboration areas Archive and Info Bag

Target group

Registrars and archivists who want to learn about information security. Participants who want to gain knowledge about information security and how it can interact with other information management.
Those who are already working or will start working with e-archiving.


The course and workshop are planned to go for 2 months