System development

System development

Through our own product development, projects, and resource consultants, we create the IT solutions that your business needs. Our customers include authorities, regions, municipalities, companies, and associations. Our assignments require a lot of knowledge and high competence, which is why our consultants in systems development are usually civil engineers or systems scientists.

What we can do

Inom det breda begreppet teknik har vi en nästan lika bred kompetensbank. Våra utvecklare och tekniska projektledare är experter på att hitta IT-stöd som passar just er verksamhet!

Take part in our expertise
Our project managers know what is required for a successful IT project, regardless of whether it is a feasibility study, requirements, or an implementation project. We run the project from start to finish and follow up on the project’s impact and project goals.

We keep track of everything from the development of requirements, control documents, and management plans to technical file formats and metadata standards.

The important archive issue
If you have not already thought about the archive issues when commissioning an IT system or a website, archiving can be a complicated and resource-intensive task.

IT consultants
Experienced system developers, technical project managers, and business developers work in close collaboration to be able to assist in the development and implementation of new system support.

Information security
Our information security consultants have broad expertise in IT and information security, where they have worked with solutions for GDPR, preparation of documentation, IT security routines, authentication, access control, IT security consulting, and incident management. With experience from both public and private activities.

Våra tjänster

By archiving your websites, you can save on operating costs and licenses on outdated websites, but still, have them available when needed.

We have extensive experience in developing and adapting primarily e-archives based on the OAIS model, as well as in archiving and dismantling financial, personnel, and business systems and connecting them for archive deliveries to e-archives. We work with different frameworks, formats, tools, methods, databases, and development environments such as C #, Java, and PHP.

System management
In the role of a system administrator, we can manage one or more systems with you. The work can e.g. involve drawing up system management plans, managing permissions and ensuring that documentation of the system is updated and available, and carrying out and following up safety analyzes.

Web archiving
We offer package solutions for, among other things, archiving of websites, intranets, and social media, which is an important part of an organization’s brand, history, and external communication. Conversion is done to ensure that all file formats are archive-proof.

We work with well-established products as well as with the development of existing systems and our own solutions. We have good knowledge of open source products such as Archivematica and Koha and follow standardized information structures and models to deliver stable and long-term solutions in accordance with the requirements.