Data protection as a service

Data protection as a service

– At a fixed monthly cost!

Use the regulation for business benefit. We help you, in addition to complying with the regulation, to create a positive business development. The clear structure provides better order, which leads to increased quality.

The service is adapted to the customer’s operations, regardless of the organization’s size. We also offer guidance and support to existing data protection representatives.

What we offer

Data protection, at a fixed monthly cost
By hiring us, you get access to a team of DSO consultants who can ensure that you meet the requirements set by the Data Protection Ordinance today and ensure that all requirements are continued to be complied with.

Our consultants are experts in information management and have many years of extensive experience working with the Personal Data Act, public access and confidentiality legislation, and information security work. Therefore, we have the competence to give you the support and guidance regarding the Data Protection Ordinance that you need.

Appointing a Data Protection Officer externally from E-arkiva gives you the required competence, which thus gives you a quick start to the work on the Data Protection Ordinance and thus cost efficiency.

Tool support
The service also includes access to the tool E-arkiva-ESM, which is a powerful tool for identifying, securing, and following up measures as well as documentation needed to achieve good compliance with the Data Protection Ordinance.

The tool provides good transparency about how the work is progressing and also good reporting opportunities if desired. The tool can be used in all organizations and businesses. The tool makes it clear for the customer and consultant to see which parts are ready and what to work with in the future.

We also use a control program to see that all relevant articles have been highlighted. This control program can also be used initially to produce the current status of the business.

Supervision of internal DPO

In cases where there is already an appointed Data Protection Officer internally in the organization, we can offer guidance and training as well as assistance in those parts of the role that your existing DPO cannot handle, such as periodic inspections and audits.